Meri de Geest



Meri de Geest participates in the Kunstroute Beuningen 2014 on 20 and 21 September. Her work will be exhibited in “Theater de Molen” at Molenstraat 54 in Beuningen.
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JATGAPPE derives from the Dutch words “Jatten en Gappen”. These are expressions in Jiddisj of stealing. In JATGAPPE  it means using existing materials to create something new and original. Actually this is a form of art developed by the Mannerism and later the Dada movement.


A collage is sticking pieces together to create a new piece of art, a new reality. It has to do with sensing relations between different parts of work of other artists and moving these together sometimes in tension sometimes in harmony in a subconscious, intuitive way.


JATGAPPE is using different techniques to materialize this. It starts with the traditional collage technique of 2D work and than moves to 3D collage art on vases and cabinets.


In a different development JATGAPPE uses the collage technique in literally sticking small objects and materials on objects and models. The objects and models of JATGAPPE present the individual histories glued to their surface. They have therefore a dual expression changing an object into a piece of art, but also telling numerous tales of the small objects attached to them.